New Hope Summer 2021

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Prayer Ministry: Candy Vickers What does the Word say about prayer? How did Jesus pray? What does it mean to minister in prayer? How do we minister through the different types of prayer in the Bible? Are there opportunities at New Hope to be a Prayer Minister? No matter how long we have been believers, prayer is a vital part of our relationship with the Lord. Prayer changes lives – for us and for others. How does God want to use you in prayer to be the minister He has called you to be?
Healing 101: Rick & Sarah Hargrave LEAD: Pastor Chuck & Pastor Rebecca Lead is a six-week class on the leadership culture of New Hope Church designed for those currently in leadership and those who would like to step into leadership in the future. We will be presenting practical information on the leadership culture of our church including the expectations, opportunities and blessings for those who serve as leaders at NHC. This will be a fun and interactive class that will equip you to lead both here at church and in your home and community.
The Crazy Cycle in Marriage: Shawn & Kathy Sanders We know that divorce is a major issue in our culture today, both inside and outside the church. Despite our best attempts at love, couples find themselves paralyzed by dysfunction and mired in conflict. Why do we face so many seemingly insurmountable problems today? Is there hope for the struggle? What are we missing? As couples come to see the heart behind their partner’s complaints, they will better understand the place for both love and respect between husband and wife. Rather than becoming another statistic, struggling marriages can break their Crazy Cycle and become thriving marriages by living in accordance to God’s good design.
End Time Prophecy: JD Hinson As you look around, do you wonder how current world events play into end-time prophecy? Is this the end of time? When is Jesus coming back? Is the Anti-Christ alive? We live in a world of questions. J.D. Henson will present an overview of end-time events, bring clarity to how we should live in this season, and help you understand where we are in God’s end-time prophetic clock.
Healing 101: Rick & Sarah Hargrave Mark 16 says “Believers will lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” Jesus taught that Healing is the “children’s bread” and gave his disciples authority to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers and raise the dead. This is a three-week class on healing with practical activations. Learn what the Bible teaches about healing and how you can pray for the sick and see them healed.
Spiritual Intelligence: Pastor Rob & Pastor Robert In this eye-opening new release, pastor and best-selling author Kris Vallotton says that God invites us to think like him. He answers questions such as: What are the five dimensions of spiritual intelligence? How can I build new neural pathways to supernatural thinking? How do I recognize my sphere of influence and the borders of my divine assignment? And much more! As you listen to the Holy Spirit and realize what it means to have the mind of Christ, you have the capacity for life-transforming spiritual intelligence unavailable in any other way.
Counter Culture: Jimmy Bennett The world we live in is going CRAZY! Culture has shifted so far from our Judeo-Christian roots that it is almost unrecognizable from what it was even one generation ago. This is more than a generation-gap, this is a turning from the Lord that has resulted in a moral landslide from our Christian moorings. This three-week class will look at some of the toughest cultural issues we face and help you to form a Christian worldview. It will equip you scripturally to address hard cultural issues from a Biblical perspective.
Freedom Basics: Michelle Schulle and Aleeza Reece Interested in deliverance, inner healing or ministering freedom? This class will cover the basic principles of Freedom Ministry. Why is this so important? What is the biblical foundation? How do I hear the Holy Spirit and minister to those who need freedom in a non-spooky way. This will be practical instruction class with real world practice.
Jude: JD Hinson Join us for a three-week study of the book of Jude. One of the most relevant New Testament books for America today. Jude addresses the issues our culture is facing and provides powerful direction for an apostate nation.


Our overarching value: His presence our highest priority

If His presence is there, nothing else matters. If His presence isn’t there, nothing else matters.

We love People

Because He loved us and demonstrated that love for us.

We won’t do life alone

We believe real change happens in community – real growth happens as we do life together

We take next Steps

The Christian life is a journey that begins at salvation – there is no stopping place with God

Prayer is a must

Nothing happens in God’s Kingdom without prayer

Saved people serve people

We are spiritual contributors not spiritual consumers. The church does not exist for us. We are the church and we exist for the world.

We always bring our best

Excellence honors God and inspires people

We lead with irrational generosity

We give up things we love for things we love even more. It’s an honor to sacrifice for Christ and His church.

We want more for the next generation

May our ceiling be the floor for future generations.

The Church is bigger than us.

The local church is the hope of the world and we know we can accomplish infinitely more together than apart.

We won’t keep this to ourselves.

We will share our hope with our neighbors, city, nation and the world.