GROW guides you to discover your redemptive purpose

and live the life God created for you.


GROW is made up of three semesters that equip you to:


1) Develop healthy soil in your heart, plant the right “seeds,” and ensure that your roots grow deep and strong in order to sustain you in your walk with Christ.


2) Grow deeper in your relationship with Christ, learn to live like Jesus, and understand God’s calling on your life.


3) Live a life of deep obedience that costs something. This final semester of Grow focuses on pursuing an even deeper relationship with God, dying to self and surrendering all to Him so that you can truly discern His will for you life and discover the path to your God-given potential.


Section 1: Planting the Seed

Section 2: Watering the Plants

Section 3: Pulling the Weeds

Section 4: Producing the Harvest


Section 1: Drawing Closer to God

Section 2: Living Like Jesus

Section 3: Discovering and Fulfilling Your God-given Potential

GROW Three:

Section 1: Developing a Deeper Relationship with God

Section 2: Dying Three Deaths

Section 3: Defeating the Enemies of Surrender

Section 4: Discerning God’s Will and Discovering the Path to Your Potential

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