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I’ve been working on this for a couple weeks, and the timing feels right to launch this new free resource.

I put together a 2 hour parenting class about a month ago for parents in our church and posted about it online. I had a ton of DM’s and comments asking for a replay.

Can I be real with you?

I fully intended to make a replay of the course available for a $47 purchase price, that would go into our student ministry budget. After all, all the “experts” online charge way more than for their courses and knew I could produce something with at least that much value. I even paid someone out of my own pocket to run camera for the night and used top notch gear.

In the past few weeks, I not only felt an urgency to finish the course (we need a grasp on our technology and teens now more than ever), but I also felt like charging for it, even with the good intentions of using the money for ministry, was not the best move in this time of uncertainty.


I’m making it free. You don’t even need to give me an email address to access it. Really free. Not “free, and then I’ll spam you to upsell you something from my funnel” free.

2 hours of teaching, broken into four easy to watch modules, and a couple accompanying PDF’s.

Foundational Teaching combined with practical application.

Session list:
Intro & Mindset
Apps you need to know about right now
Tools you can use to regain control

I hope this helps your family.

4-Part Course Modules:

Pastor Luke sets the expectation for this course, lays some foundation, and lays the importance of the right mindset in parenting through technology

In this block, we walk through some shocking stats about sexting and have a bonus session from a law enforcement officer to break down some legal aspects of it.

In this block, we cover specific apps that you should be aware of on your child’s phone. Latest info as of March 2020

In this block, we go in to specific tools to help you get control. Take notes, lots of practical solutions for you to implement here.

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